Monday, March 14, 2011

Guide: Tcl documentation / manuals for Eclipse

This is very helpful and reduces the time it takes to open IE + open the Tcl help web page + typing the wanted Tcl command +++...

Here are the steps
  1. download the appropriate Tcl manuals from here
  2. unzip the html files to an appropriate location.
    • for our example: 'C:\Tcl\doc\html'
  3. open eclipse, Menu->window->preferances->Click
  4. Tcl->Man Pages->Configure->Add->Click
  5. Alternatively, in the filter type: 'man' t\and select Tcl/Man pages.
  6. Name: Tcl/Mans
  7. Add->Click
  8. Folder: 'C:\Tcl\doc\html'
  9. Ok, Ok, Ok

Test it
press F2 on the 'proc', 'set' or 'lappend' keywords to start using the help...


1. Tcl manuals
2. The guide I used to connect eclipse and the Tcl manuals

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