Wednesday, February 2, 2011

IMDb search for a given trailer.

This post core code...

I've started learning IronPython two weeks ago. This language is a diamond, i'm afraid i won't be able to go 'back' to .NET again :)

To summarize my study I've decided to automate something in my already overheated life.

I love movies, i can't see them all, so i see a lot of trailers.

Here is the story

Let's say you have a folder with many movie trailers that you automatically download with a daemon tool.
Let's also say that you wish to see only the trailers worth viewing, in my case: 'The score in IMDb must be above 8.0'.

Let's stop saying... here is the core code...

Code highlights / requirements

1. Given a string which contains: Trailer title keywords + superfluous keywords, extract only the title keywords.
2. Run a title search on IMDb with the title keywords.
3. From the results extract the top/first X results.
4. For each result open the title page and extract: [Title name, Year, Rating]
5. Encapsulate these results for later use.

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