Monday, February 7, 2011

TCL debug tools.

I've run a search on Google 'how to debug TCL' and found these good articles:

1. What debugging tools are available to a Tcl programmer
* Use puts 'debug $message here'.
* Other strange looking ways to solve the TCL debug problem.
2. Buy 'Tcl Solutions' by 'ActiveState'
3. Try 'Dynamic Languages Toolkit' by Eclipse

As a start-up freelancer solution provider I should provide with as low cost solutions as i can, so... let's start testing these solutions.

'puts' in your code

Already using this solution - very chip, no money spend, but if you consider the work-hours spent: it's not chip at all!!

Eclipse support for dynamic language

I've started with #3: Eclipse support for dynamic language, like TCL and Python.
Very soon found this great looking presentation - Dynamic Languages Toolkit (DLTK) , Looks promising...

After a little struggle I've managed to bring up a working station with Eclipse and DLTK.

In the next post I'll describe how to setup Eclipse with DLTK and a debugger.

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