Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Using PayPal express with magento.

The story
I was asked to give the user the ability to pay using PayPal services.
The site is magento store.
The user will have two option at PayPal:

  1. He have an acount and will pay after he logged into his PayPal account.
  2. He have no account - he is NOT requiered to open a PayPal account to pay, he'll enter his credit credentiols and pay.
Simple, right? :-)

I got into some problems, the community help on this matter is not so obvious, after a day of research and experements, which hopefuly you will avoid,  here are the final steps did to satisfy these requierments:

The solution
On Magento Admin Panel
  • Magento admin panel => Menu => System => Configuration, click.
  • In the left configuration panel => Sales => PayPal, click.
  • "Email Associated with PayPal Merchant Account" => enter your PayPal account email.
  • "Select a PayPal Solution" => "Express Checkout", checked
  • At "Express Checkout Settings" (*2):
    • "Payment Action" : Usually Sale .
    • "Enable PayPal Guest Checkout" => Yes
  • At "API/Integration Settings":
    • API Authentication Methods => API Signiture.
    • Get Credentials from PayPal, click:
      • Entering PayPay... Enter your PayPal credential...
      • Just get your API credentials through Profile > My selling tools > API Access > Update > Request API credentials > Request API Signature (*1)
    • Enter the API credentioal, appropriattly, to:
      • API Username, Password & Signature.
These steps created a fast & secure checout point for my users to buy products without PayPay account.

Hope it helped.


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